Print Media and Advertising Advantages

Print media such as newspapers provide non-intrusive advertising messages.

Companies can pursue a number of avenues when it comes to promoting their products and services. Advertising can take the form of television or radio spots, placing billboards in high-traffic areas or using the Internet. Companies can also make use of print advertising, which offers its own set of advantages over other forms of media.

Unlimited Exposure

Print media such as newspapers and magazines allow for unlimited exposure. Unlike television or radio where advertising time is scheduled, prospects have potential exposure to print ads at virtually any time. A newspaper or magazine left on a coffee table can be viewed repeatedly and at the reader's discretion. The reader also has the opportunity to study the ad at his leisure and isn't limited to 30 or 60 seconds.


Print ads are less intrusive than other forms of media. Radio and television ads often interrupt programming which can sometimes be an annoyance. With print media, the prospect has greater control as to when she views the ads, which eliminates interruptions.

Target Marketing

Certain forms of print media allow for a high level of target marketing. Magazines, for example, tend to be highly specialized, so ads can be developed to appeal to a specific readership. For example, companies that manufacture upscale clothing for men can target their ads to publications that appeal to professional males. A manufacturer of fishing gear can place ads in hunting and fishing publications.

Loyal Readership

Print media sources tend to have longstanding, loyal readership. People may read their hometown newspaper daily and may also subscribe to specific magazines for long periods of time. This frequent readership helps reinforce the advertiser's message or even develops an ongoing campaign that may cover multiple issues. Advertising in publications that have been around for many years can also lend credibility to the advertiser.

Position Flexibility

Advertisers usually have a choice as to where they place their ad in the publication. If the budget allows, the advertiser may choose the location that offers the highest visibility, such as the back cover of a magazine or above the fold in the newspaper. Newspapers also offer the flexibility to choose the desired ad size, such as a full page or quarter-page.

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