PDF delivery and CTP workflow

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CTP workflow

Single page or book PDF’s can easily be transmitted into to our CTP workflow via FTP or PrintSphere.

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Prepress workflows

We operate the very latest in newspaper prepress workflows: Arkitex Production – supplied and supported by ECO3 (formerly Agfa Graphics).

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Cloud Hosted

CTP workflow is cloud hosted in ISO-certified mirrored data centres. Being cloud based ensures that we always have the latest updates and instant support.

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Broadband connections

Webprint have 2 independent broadband connections.

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Remote viewing

Remote viewing by the publisher of their pages in Arkitex: Production is possible. Editorial approval by the Publisher is also possible before platemaking.

Easy Transfer

Pages can be sent to either or both sites and can be transferred easily from one site to the other.

Software upgrade

Software upgrade and maintenance contract in place with ECO3 which includes 24hour online support.


2 CTP plate making lines run in load share mode or independently. Maintained by Webprint with support contract in place with ECO3 covering regular on site and remote planned maintenance and technical. ECO3 engineers and spare parts usually available within 4 hours from Dublin base.

170 plates produced per hour - Cork

Cork site has 2 X Agfa Polaris lasers with Agfa Attiro processors and Barenschee benders, which can produce 170 plates per hour each.

250 plates produced per hour - Dublin

Dublin site has 2 X Krause LS Jets lasers with Agfa Attiro processors and NELA benders, which can produce 250 plates per hour each.

PDF’s received are:

Pre-flight checked:

Arkitex Production pre-flight checks PDF’s for any technical issues.

Ink optimised:

Arkitex Production Opti-Ink optimises PDF for coldest printing resulting in economical use of ink leading to cleaner press and cleaner printed copy.


3 Rip servers, maintained to latest software versions, Rip the optimised PDFs in load share mode.

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