Quality control & Reliability

Quality Control

Pre-press and press set up to print to ISO 12647-3 standard.
Regular winners in the Irish Print Award’s National and Regional Newspaper Printer of the Year categories.
Maintenance managed using the Pemac computerised maintenance management software.  Overall maintenance system awarded the “MEETA -The Asset Managers” National Maintenance and Asset Management Award in 2012 in the Maintenance Management category. Award based on full integration of production and maintenance activities.
Service and support contracts in place with the press controls supplier (EAE in Cork, Pecom in Dublin), press manufacturer (KBA in Cork, Manroland in Dublin) and mailroom supplier (Ferag) as well as key facility suppliers (IT infrastructure, gas, compressed air, standby generation) and ECO3.


Disaster recovery – each site backs up the other – seamless transfer of files between each site in the event of an issue. Reduces disruption to printing.
Dublin - two separate power supply lines with automatic changeover.
Daily meetings to measure performance against the KPIs and assign appropriate actions as necessary.
Automatic reports available for customers for most production, quality and despatch parameters.
Cork - 100% stand-by for electrical energy provided by 2MVA on-site generator.
Safe operations are fundamental to reliable operations. Previously OHSAS 18001 certified.
Operational KPIs set for Safety & Environment, Quality, On-time Deliveries, Waste and Earnings.  Additional Maintenance KPIs set for Overdue Jobs and Hours, Total Technical Downtime and Ratio of Unplanned to Planned Maintenance Hours.

Maintenance Standards

Webprint adheres to the highest maintenance standards utilising Pemac asset management. Effective maintenance is essential for ensuring that our newspaper printing operations run smoothly and efficiently.
By keeping our equipment in good condition and addressing any issues promptly, our maintenance system helps to minimize downtime, increase equipment reliability, and improve the overall quality of the printed product.

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